Scholarship Students

CECI alum Nolwazi Mjwara leading GWU seminar students on tour of UNESCO, March 2019
Three scholarship students and two Board Members

Alumni Voices

Othmane from Morocco graduated in 2014
“CECI is a beautiful organization founded by people with great intentions who are always eager to work for the development of cultural communication and thus peace and tolerance. CECI allowed me to make life changing discoveries and progress and I will forever be grateful towards the organization and its architects and promoters.” Othmane Mechatte from Morocco 2013-2014
Kamini from India graduated in 2010
“I learned not just the skills of my trade but how to think critically and independently; how to express myself creatively; and most importantly, how I could use what I gained [at AUP] to contribute to the people and organizations I went on to work with – people and organizations that shared the aspirations of a better world.” Kamini Minon from India 2009-2010
 “I can’t tell you how beneficial attending AUP has been in my life so far. It’s the gift that keeps giving” Wanja Laiboni from Kenya 2003-2007


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