Board Members and Advisors

Board Members and Advisors

The Center is governed by a Board of Directors and an Advisory Committee. It is chaired by Lee W. Huebner, Professor of Media and Public Affairs at The George Washington University, former Professor at Northwestern University, former publisher of the International Herald Tribune, and former president of The American University of Paris.

Board of Directors

  • Lee Huebner, Chairman
  • Nancy Merritt Asthalter
  • Jim Bittermann
  •  Constance Borde
  •  Waddick Doyle
  • Gil Donaldson
  • Judy Graves
  • Elizabeth Hochman Schwartz
  • Berna Huebner
  • Charley Huebner
  • Barry Lando
  •  Mary Slawson
  • Paul Slawson
  • Joe Trippi

Advisory Committee* & Award Recipients 

Michael Elias
Jules Feiffer
Diane Johnson
Chad Stebbins
*The Late Art Buchwald, Flora Lewis, Pat Thompson, and Richard Reeves were also members

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