Int’l Media Seminars

International Media Seminars

For many years, this seminar program has welcomed U.S. university students and their professors to Paris for intensive week-long exposures to the global media scene, effectively providing an in-depth international experience without the commitments involved in full semester or year-abroad programs.
Throughout the week, the International Media Seminar features more than 20 hours of seminars, conferences, discussions, and tours. Speakers include a variety of global senior communication leaders representing the worlds of newspapers, magazines, television, marketing, academia, and government.
Participants have enjoyed private briefings at government offices and the U.S. Embassy and UNESCO, as well as special tours of media headquarters including France’s largest television channels, (TF1), Radio France, Le Monde, and the New York Times International.
Professor Madeleine Czigler speaking to GWU seminar students, March 2019

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